There's a better way to use town assets, money


To The Eagle:

Start making money and stop spending money!

I am concerned not only that the town is buying a parking lot and turning it into a “Green Space,” but that the cost of the new sewer plant is driving up sewer rates that really affect local citizens on a fixed income and small businesses trying to stay open.

I am afraid the so called green space will turn in to a money pit because it will require maintenance. The town has trouble maintaining the parks it has now. I have been told the town won't put trash cans on Main Street because they have nobody to dump them.

Not to be one who calls out a problem without a solution: How can the town reduce the sewer debt, and grow the system? We have had several people suggest how to grow the sewer system. It’s a no brainer when you have more people using the system the faster you can reduce the debt. My suggestion was to sell the sewer lagoons to Port District 1 and use that money to install sewer lines to the subdivision behind the golf course. We all know most of those systems are failing, and if sewer was available the people would hook up. The more new hookups the more revenue and keeps costs down.

As far as I know, nobody is working on getting new sewer hookups. The mayor has said he does not have time to run the town and has asked the town council people to take over the running of the town. They were elected to pass policy, not be the administrator for the town.

Using the assets the town has to make money instead of just raising fees and spending money is not a way to reduce debt. Not only will the mayor’s waterfront park be expensive to develop, the maintenance will require more employees. Don't let the comment "we will use grants" to build it stand. Grants require a dollar match and hours of administration to provide the deliverables in order to receive the money.

So, sell land that will cost the taxpayers in the long run and don’t buy land that will cost the taxpayers in the long run: This sounds like a great solution to the problem.

It’s up to you town citizens to step up and demand your council do their job, it’s very easy to tax and spend; it’s hard to actually manage, lead and grow.

Richard Erickson

Cape Horn


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