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Commissioners, citizens meet at Johnson Park


August 16, 2018

The Wahkiakum County commissioners adjourned their regular meeting on August 7 and reconvened in the cafeteria of the Grays River Valley Center at Johnson Park in Rosburg. The commissioners meet periodically on the Westend to provide a more convenient location and time for area residents to make contact with their county commissioners.

The board, Wahkiakum PUD Commissioner Dennis Reid and Wahkiakum PUD manager David Tramblie were there to address two specific issues that evening, public water source availability on the Westend and a roller derby group’s request to use the gymnasium at Johnson Park.

The board took informal public comments, questions and concerns from the audience on any topic. Public comments were invited and encouraged.

The concerns of Westend residents were why there is no available water for many in certain areas. The gentlemen from the PUD explained that an estimate of the cost was approximately $300,000 to get water for only about 100 residents. It seemed unfair from the commissioners’ point of view that the people of the county should pay for so much for just a few. This may not appear fair; however, many in the county have their own wells that dry up in the late summer and they need to haul water to their property. Many others just do not want the county’s interference on their property.

The next issue confronting the board was the Pacific County Roller Derby Club’s request to use the Johnson Park gymnasium for their practice sessions. The club wants to use the facilities at Johnson Park twice a week. Team coach Amanda Lane and Robyn Handley addressed their proposition to the county commissioners. These women, who hail from Minnesota, now reside in Long Beach. The coach has been affiliated with roller derby for five years and decided to create a new team when the Astoria team went defunct.

The commissioners’ concerns were about the floor in the gym. The gym was built in the late 1930s, and it is not known how well the condition of the floor is. District 3 Commissioner Blair Brady suggested that some sort of surety bond be established in case of any floor damage. The roller derby representatives said that they will not be using a curved track but a flat track with computer mouse pads as track border in order not to scuff the floor. They also showed the type of skates they use to illustrate that the skates are safe for the gym floor. The board also addressed that of safety. Lane and Handley stated that all skaters must sign a release form freeing the derby association as well as the county from any liability.

Although there was not a final decision made, an inspection of the floor as well as the insurance issues, it appears that Pacific County Roller Derby may be in the county’s future. To alleviate any resident’s concerns about how it may affect the children’s use of the facility, scheduling for the derby must be flexible, and the ladies agreed.


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