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Assessor clarifies a few points


August 23, 2018

To The Eagle:

My opponent seems to be confused by more than party endorsements. I am writing to clarify the requirements for accreditation as an Ad Valorem Real Property Appraiser.

When the term “Real Estate License” is used it refers to the state law contained in 18-85 RCW, Real Estate Brokers and Managing Brokers. When the terms “certify,” “certified,” or “certification” are used they refer to 18-140 RCW, the Certified Real Estate Appraiser Act (fee appraisers). Neither of these statutes pertain to assigning values to property by an assessor.

RCW 36-21-015, Qualifications for persons assessing real property and Chapter 458-10 WAC, Accreditation of real property appraisers set forth the requirements for accreditation. The Department of Revenue form “REV 64 0081e (w), Application for Accreditation as an Ad Valorem Real Property Appraiser” states the requirements most succinctly:

Education/Examination Requirement: 1) “Passed IAAO 101 Course Exam” indicates that you are waived from the Accreditation Examination or 2) “you must have successfully completed during the two preceding years, at least 30 classroom hours of study relating to the basic principles of real property appraisal” and apply for “Accreditation Examination (a completed form REV 64 0080).”

Experience Requirement: “You must have at least one year of full time work experience (1000 hours) in: (1) transactions involving real property, (2) appraisal of real property, (3) assessment of real property or a combination of the three. The required experience may include hours worked in the preceding two years but must include a minimum of 1000 hours worked in a minimum time period of twelve months.”

The experience requirement disqualifies my opponent from being accredited prior to the election. Even his experience at the Skamokawa Post Office doesn’t help. I’m sure that he did not intend to mislead voters.

When it comes to serving you as your assessor, attention to detail, especially when dealing with the laws regulating the assessor’s office, is paramount. I thank those who supported me in the primary and who realize that a competent assessor is paramount to protecting their pocketbook.

Bill Coons

Wahkiakum County Assessor


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