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Did The Eagle join in the hysteria?


August 23, 2018

To The Eagle:

Ironic that The Eagle joined in the hysteria generated by media monopolies last week in pretending that their 1st Amendment rights were under attack by the president while exercising those same 1st Amendment rights.

The president has criticized #FakeNews not actual reporting. Examples of what POTUS refers to are legion. Just this week, ABC News ran a breaking story with companion video of an illegal alien being arrested by ICE. It was presented as the shocking story of a father wrenched from the arms of his pregnant “wife” while enroute to the hospital for the birth of her child. This story was echoed throughout the media as a demonstration of the callousness and inhumanity of this administration. A “correction” was put out later. In reality, ICE was acting at the request of the Mexican government to arrest this suspect who is wanted for murder in their country. In addition, the woman was going in for a scheduled C-section not rushing to the Emergency Room. This is fake news. Lies by omission, shoddy reporting, click-bait headlines are what many of us, including the President, are fed up with. We, who voted for @realdonaldtrump, applaud this overdue criticism of the media, criticism that does not equal suppression.

FYI to those who have never read the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the “Press” in Freedom of the Press in the 1st A refers to the printing press. We, citizens-not just NYT, WaPo, CNN etc, are guaranteed the freedom to print whatever we want (excluding porno and slander) and put it out there. Thank you, Rick, for allowing local voices to participate in this freedom.

Mike Swift



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