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Juvenile tactics should be decried


August 23, 2018

To The Eagle:

I agree with Paul Schreiber's letter of last week. The letter by the former deputy that was essentially whining about Mark Howie and how he runs the sheriff department, was totally off base. According to the fired for cause former deputy, Sheriff Howie has caused several other deputies to either quit or feel dissatisfied. I am curious as to what is in his background that led to his firing in the first place? A reasonable suggestion to the former deputy would be to pull up his big boy panties and stick to fact rather than sour grapes. Any department can expect a reasonable turnover in employees, some seeking better wages and others moving on for a number of other reasons. A campaign run on innuendo isn't worth the time of day and the person running against Mr. Howie would do well to publicly decry such juvenile tactics.

A couple of other races of paramount interest are being run by up and coming young women who have the kind of progressive ideas our state and district, not to mention country, sorely need. Carolyn Long for senate and Erin Fraser for representative are rising stars and both would serve us far better than the two incumbents they are running against. Do some research and if necessary vote across party line to get these two elected. Both of the incumbents have done as well as they could, for themselves at least, so let's thank them for their service and graciously retire them. Peace.

James Roberts



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