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Coons offers rebuttal to candidate McClain


September 6, 2018

To The Eagle:

It is sad to see my opponent engaging in the political ploy of accusing me of “cherry picking” regulations and then doing just that himself. In my letter of August 23, I was quoting from the form one needs to submit to the Department of Revenue (DOR) to become an accredited appraiser. I guess I need to mail this form to him.

There is an interesting omission in my opponent’s letter last week. The word “experience” is nowhere to be found.

As I stated in my letter: “You must have at least one year of full time work experience (1000 hours)…” and “The experience requirement disqualifies my opponent from being accredited prior to the election.” He does nothing to refute this assertion. There is no way that he will be accredited before January of 2020.

I’ll ask it straight, does my opponent intend to seek accreditation? And will my opponent provide voters with a complete resume detailing his education and experience? His brief tenure at the Skamokawa Post Office is of concern. If he can’t successfully run a small P.O., how in the world is he going to be able to run a complex office like the assessor’s office?

Wahkiakum County deserves clarity and transparency. And in the interest of transparency, I want to let voters know that the renewal of my own accreditation has just been processed by the DOR after I took 30 hours of continuing education at the beginning of July.

The course and exam recognized by the DOR for accreditation is IAAO course 101. It is a 30 hour course, not a 30 day course as stated by my opponent. Accuracy and attention to detail are important.

Bill Coons



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