Relax, enjoy the show


September 20, 2018

To The Eagle:

Most of us have been highly entertained by the political theatre provided by the deranged progressives during the rise and reign of Trump. The Mueller investigation, stumbling around desperately in search of a crime to pin on the president, has only managed to expose malfeasance in the Obama administration and crime in the Clinton campaign, while their own malpractice has caused 26 firings, demotions, and legal referrals in the highest reaches of the FBI, Justice Department, and State Department. Late breaking news shows possible involvement of the CIA, and that foreign meddling and hacking (both Russian and Chinese) was for the benefit of Hillary and the DNC.

Meanwhile, our president bumbles along through all the flack, driving the economy and employment to record-breaking highs, achieving foreign policy milestones in Iran, Korea, NATO, and Israel, getting the Supreme Court and the military back to viability, and draining the swamp. The progressive hate campaign also achieved some new abysmal lows this past week, as the Washington Post blamed Trump for creating hurricane Florence, and Senator Feinstein launched an Anita Hill-type bimbo bomb into the Kavanaugh hearings. The object of this mudslinging fest is to influence the upcoming mid-term elections – if they can achieve numerical superiority in House and/or Senate, they can proceed with full-blown obstruction or impeachment with no regard for either fact or honesty.

That campaign is not going well, since the president’s approval numbers keep rising every day, and Trump-supporting candidates have done well in primaries across the country. J.B. Bouchard’s rant in last week’s Eagle fit that campaign well, being both anti-Trump and factually inaccurate, but probably isn’t gonna accomplish anything. Wouldn’t it be more fun to relax, accept reality, and enjoy the show?

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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