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Coons is the only proven professional


September 27, 2018

To The Eagle:

It’s only time for a change when change is for the better. Certainly not now. Not this change. We’re asked to change assessors from our current assessor, Bill Coons (with 12 years’ experience and knowledge) to Brian McClain who has had no experience or knowledge at all in real estate, none.

And who recommends Mr. McClain? Mr. Baccellieri? I checked. Mr. Baccellieri isn’t even registered to vote in our county! And this outsider Baccellieri fellow has the unmitigated gall to tell us, the voters here in our own Wahkiakum County, how to vote!

So, Mr. B, nonregistered in our county, tells us, the registered voters, to vote for Mr. McClain for assessor, when Mr. McClain knows absolutely nothing about evaluating 3,000 homes. In 30 days of schooling, Mr. McClain promises to know everything about assessing 3000 homes! Hogwash! It will require at least three years to fully learn this new profession. Does 30 days schooling displace three years of training to assess 3,000 homes? Folks, it’s your money. Do you want to pay an amateur to play with your investment, your home?

Bill Coons may not be as smooth and polished as Brian McClain, but Bill Coons is the only proven professional real estate person in the race for assessor.

Richard Watts



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