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Thoughts about the Republican agenda


September 27, 2018

To The Eagle:

Neighbor Brawn asserts that my latest screed contained inaccurate facts and numbers while being just another sordid example of the frenzied circus attempting to discredit Trump and the Republicans. He then suggests I ought to just sit back and enjoy the show, no less.

Well Howard, let’s hear your numbers and supporting facts that effectively refute my opinion, that it has been the Republican agenda for the past 30 years to brand the poor and dependent citizens of this nation as parasites sucking the economic lifeblood from our republic.

Following the Republican plutocracy’s malignant logic, the less given to those who have less, the more re$ource$ will be preserved which will then be used to reward the truly de$serving through corporate tax cut$, and corporate tax loophole$.

This dismal Darwinian deconstruction of the social safety net will then assure the gradual sickening, starvation and social isolation of that segment of the population unable to qualify for a credit card, whose interest payments are the lifeblood upon which Wall Street’s FIRE (Finance, Insurance & Real Estate) monopolies depend to pay billionaire CEOs’ bloated salaries.

As zillionaire Warren Buffet forthrightly explained, he is taxed less upon his stratospheric profits and salary than his secretary is from her paycheck. So, who are the actual social parasites in this scenario?

As for discrediting Trump, most of my scribblings at this location have mostly been to point out how he discredits himself and his office almost daily without any help from me or the opposition party.

Dang it. That was just another screed, wasn’t it.

JB Bouchard

Puget Island


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