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Baccillierri owns property here


October 4, 2018

To The Eagle:

Several items in last week’s Eagle beg response, but we’ll keep it in the realm of general information and elucidation since our editor has adopted the Wehrfritz Commandment limiting specific political criticisms to one shot:

For those of you fascinated with the concept of “experience” as it applies to political candidates, the day-to-day nuts ‘n bolts of property valuation are handled by an appraiser who works for the Assessor and one of the most experienced we ever had here was a fella by the name of Funderburg who raised a bunch of property values exorbitantly, almost exponentially, (particularly waterfront property on Puget Island) and then quit and rode off into the sunset, amid much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Experience made a difference – we just didn’t realize what it would be.

Those of you cringing in fear of brainwashing by outsiders named Baccillierri, rest easy. Mr. B is not an outsider, but a successful retiree with a boat shop on Puget Island who has without fanfare supported many civic enterprises and charities in the area, largely by donating superbly crafted small boats. His interest in the assessor race stems from unassuaged abuse from our current assessor, not blind loyalty to his challenger.

Those tempted to vote for the author of a political attack ad with tendentious innuendo ripped out-of-context from Kay Chamberlain’s always excellent columns -- be leery. You might get what you vote for.

In answer to J.B. Bouchard’s query. Yup. It was indeed another screed.

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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