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Bill Coons has the necessary experience


October 4, 2018

To The Eagle:

Everyone knows real property value. They’re all experts. No different than all the Monday-morning quarterbacks who are out there. But the problem is, they don’t. Assessing real property value for banks or for county taxation is tedious and vexing, especially in a county as small as ours where there are few comparables. There’s plenty of nuance. And rules and rations, etc. If you have any doubt about that, talk to any real estate agent in the county. They’ll tell you how difficult it is.

An assessor needs to be able to walk into the office in January fully knowledgeable. This is not a job where the head can just be an administrator without the nuts and bolts knowledge to create assessments that comply with state rules and policies. It can easily take a couple of years to learn and develop the experience necessary to even be an adequate assessor.

I’m voting for Bill Coons. His seven years of experience as assessor and experience as a real estate broker wins compared to Brian McClain’s zero experience with real property values.

Randall Haas



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