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Howie has been good for the county


October 4, 2018

To The Eagle:

A number of years ago when former Sheriff, Jon Dearmore, brought Mark Howie in as his under sheriff, it was one of the best things that could have happened for Wahkiakum County. Mark Howie brought with him big city experience and exposure to different crimes that haven’t gotten to this county yet. His managerial expertise learned at Tukwila fits well with Wahkiakum County and the sheriff’s department. He has really become a part of the county, his family has moved here, his grandchildren now go to school here. Mark Howie has been good for Wahkiakum County!

The comments about the sheriff’s department having internal problems are being spread by one or two who feel they have been wronged in some way and do not express the actual feelings of most of the department. That’s normal for any organization. One cannot please everyone all of the time.

Mark has accomplished much in the county considering the limited budget he has to work with. He has managed to increase the number of deputies in the department. His interaction with the schools is noteworthy. His use of grants has been excellent. The grant that covers emergency management has been well spent. For minimal cost to the county emergency management does an excellent job. The use of up-to-date electronic methods to get information out to citizens of the county is a great accomplishment.

Mark’s competition has signs which say “For Real Change.” No changes he will make have been identified. Perhaps this is another outsider wanting to come in and change things to be like where they came from and not necessarily for the betterment of Wahkiakum County.

When you vote think about what is better for Wahkiakum County, the in-place system which everyone knows and understands, or an outsider’s system which no one knows. While the in-place system may not be perfect, it is working and may be better than the unknown one from an outsider.

Ron Kimmel


Puget Island


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