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We live in interesting times


October 4, 2018

To The Eagle:

We do live in interesting times. Our little county is forever trying to find more revenue to the point of being willing to strip our mountains of every tree of a ‘certain' size, ever smaller of course. Replacing the trees bound for everywhere else with a mono culture that precludes normal diversity and involves spraying herbicides to kill everything that won't be marketable in, say, sixty years or so. When was the last time you saw a grouse or heard the hooting of owls? Finally something that may actually bring in the much sought revenue appears on the horizon and already people are starting to complain. The proposed Town of Taylor might just bring into our county a valid source of much needed money and before even investigating the potential, some are alluding to Antelope, Oregon, and the commune known as Rajneeshpuram. Granted, that turned into a local disaster for Wasco county but was self eliminated by the usual suspects, greed, religion and politics that went against the grain of the rural life style. The Rick Nelson column in The Eagle last week was spot on and urged patience. Not in my back yard was the first thing one hears and often from the some of the newest residents. American way. I got mine, so.... I'm not naive enough to think that this would replace timber but it would help fill our coffers.

On to more pressing issues. Would you actually hire a person that screamed, cried, ranted and raved during a job interview? If so, you came to the right place. We are on the brink of installing for life a person to the highest court of our land who seems to have a history of abusing and assaulting women. Fortunately for the potential appointee, the one accused of the same type of disgusting behavior is pushing hard for this and is doing everything in his power to make it happen. And fortunately for us, term limits will eventually rid our country of this plague fueled by hatred and ignorance.

Fascinating that a certain writer to these pages finds Mr. Trump’s abhorrent excrescences humorous. Glad I was spared that gene. Another frequent contributor and his melancholic logorrhea praising our fearless leader seems to be paying attention to a very narrow source of information. Fox isn't news and seems no one has bothered to let him know that it is for entertainment only. Every country on Earth are shaking their collective heads and laughing at this buffoon who is so full of insecurity that he thinks they were laughing with him. Amazing. Peace.

James Roberts



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