Writer urges all citizens to vote


October 11, 2018

To The Eagle:

Recent letters to the editor have been great reading. I have a concern, though. In Wahkiakum County, rarely do we have great voter turnout! In our current political races, I fervently wish for all who can vote, to vote!

Remember when we had to go somewhere to vote? Not anymore. It only takes a short time to fill out the ballot and send it in. No trip anywhere and no gas used. You can leave your robe on by the fire and just make some marks, if you’d like, then mail it in or drop it off at the Courthouse. How easy is that?

I even remember the poll tax in Texas when I was young, which is no longer legal. So no excuses ok? I don’t want to influence you about how you vote, but I sure do want you to remember that in Wahkiakum County, every vote counts! So please go vote and if you’re not registered, get on it, ok? We need every vote this time and every time!

Karen Bertroch

Grays River


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