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Are licensing fees out of control?


October 18, 2018

To The Eagle:

I wrote a letter to each of our legislators in our state of Washington, including President Trump even though our president has nothing to do with this.

I just received my renewal for licensing:

$30 License fee funds road construction and maintenance projects.

$25 Vehicle weight fee funds highway improvements, transit and other transportation needs.

$3 Filing fee funds go directly to the county in which the fee is paid.

$5 Service fee retained by subagent or funds ferry replacement if renewed at county auditor/DOL.

$.25 License fee supports the computer system used to provide licensing services.

$.50 The DOL service fee supports the computer system and reimbursement of county licensing activities.

That adds up to the total of $63.75 licensing fees. And if you want to donate an additional $5 for state parks, that’s $68.75. It used to be a total $30 licensing fees that was voted and won by the taxpayers, I can’t remember when, probably between 2002-2012; then by 2014 it went up to $48, and in 2015 $64? Did we get a ballot concerning a vote of permission by the taxpayers to add extra fees? Besides, aren’t we, the taxpayers, paying their salaries? Isn’t that part of their job? Then, why all the extra fees? How did this happen and who authorized it?

Toni Below



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