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Assessor's answers just pass the buck


October 18, 2018

To The Eagle:

Bill Coons, in playing the “pass the buck card” in his reply to my letter, speaks untold volumes about his desperation. That’s right, he did say he wasn’t old enough for social security. Let’s just cut to the chase.

1. His wife owns the property

2. He lives on the property

3. He is the experienced county assessor

4. The “mokki” in question was constructed while he resided on the property on Welcome Slough.

Now, one of the following occurred:

1. He knew about the construction and with all his experience chose not to inform the person building the mokki that an approved building plan and permits were necessary before proceeding.

2. He had no idea that an approved building plan and the accompanying necessary permits were required which absolutely calls into question his experience and judgment since he, as assessor, is required to assess taxes on the mokki.

3. An independent contractor was hired who provided an unapproved plan and had no permits. That could or would cause said contractor to lose his/her license.

The above choices seriously bring into question not only the use or lack thereof of his experience and judgment to ameliorate the situation but most certainly his integrity for allowing it to proceed, doing nothing and then not putting the blame where it belongs, on his shoulders.

The bottom line is: Disavowing ownership in his wife’s property should not allow him to circumvent the established rules and regulations that the rest of us who live here are required to follow.

It’s time for integrity in the assessor’s office. We need an assessor that voters can trust and that means Brian McClain.

Mary Gustafson



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