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Howie and Bigelow did wonderful job


October 18, 2018

To The Eagle:

Last week's front page story about Lee Wages getting the sentence he received was a testimonial to the wonderful job that both Sheriff Howie and prosecutor Dan Bigelow are doing in their respective positions. After the situation when Mr. Wages was actually shooting at police and was arrested without anybody getting hurt brings home how well trained our deputies are. Thanks, Mark Howie.

As a retired RN that spent over thirty years of hospital nursing, much of it on psych units, I approached Dan Bigelow shortly after the arrest and incarceration of Lee Wages. I told Dan that the best way to deal with this issue would be monitored medications. Until Lee's wife died she was able to keep him on his meds and he was fine. Putting him in a state hospital or penitentiary would have cost the state thousands of dollars and done no good other than keep him locked up. To his credit, Mr. Bigelow actually had to side with the defense and along with Sheriff Howie was able to come to the resolution that saves the state money and keeps Mr. Wages at home. Hopefully his family and others will be able to make sure that he stays on the medicines that allow him to live quietly in his own home. His disease was diagnosed decades ago and was well treated until the event leading to this letter. Congratulations to both our sheriff and prosecuting attorney. You have my vote. Peace,

James Roberts



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