Injured football player dealing with infection


October 18, 2018

Wahkiakum High School Sophomore Beau Carlson, injured in a football game against Adna in September is still at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. He is recovering from surgery last Wednesday to remove pockets of infection from his brain.

Family friend Amber Wassell Mace posted an update from his mother, Leihanna Carlson, on Facebook on Tuesday, October 16.

“I would be lying to say that everything has been rainbows and butterflies since Beau’s surgery,” Carlson wrote. “Although his surgery was quite successful, his recovery presented some of the unexpected and some challenges that we did not anticipate.”

“Brain surgery is obviously scary, but we were told we had zero options because once again, Beau’s condition had become life threatening,” Carlson wrote. “The following morning it became obvious that Beau was not waking up the way he should have been. He wasn’t responding the way our neurology team had anticipated. The next 24 hours became very vital.”

As Beau gained consciousness, he started exhibiting some weakness on his left side. He was unable to move his left arm and the left side of his face appeared droopy.

The possibility that he had suffered a stroke became an immediate fear, and the neurologist ordered two MRIs over a period of 10 hours.

“Beau had not suffered a stroke but indeed had a very angry, inflamed brain,” Carlson wrote. “It was inflamed from infection on top of the initial injury, an abscess that had been removed from the surface of his brain along with the washing of the dura.”

“Our boy was very sick and very much in pain but was not immediately in danger,” she added.

Since then, the news has become more positive.

Beau’s pain has become more manageable, according to Carlson. He is regaining mobility and for the first time in five days, he ate.

“The fluid continues to drain away from his brain and out of a tube as we had hoped,” Carlson wrote. “We can finally say his recovery is beginning to take place.”

Beau will remain at Doernbechers and eventually transfer to Randall Children’s Hospital in Portland for rehabilitation.

“He is simply amazing,” Carlson wrote. “Two lifesaving surgeries in five weeks and he still continues to make everyone smile. He misses Brody and Courtney and Cooper along with all of his friends, who he asks about 20 times a day.”

“We are working through those emotions as we go,” Carlson wrote. “Today, Brad and I are hopeful. Today we finally have some relief. And once again, we know God is so good. When any of you have that brief moment in your busy lives to keep our sweet boy in your thoughts and prayers, please do so. We feel them daily and it’s getting us all through. We are so grateful.”

A Go Fund Me account has been set up in Beau Carlson’s name to help support him and his family, Donations can also be given to Amber Wassell Mace who is accepting gift cards, cash or checks for the family. She is also working with people who want to help out by making dinner for the family. She can be contacted at 360-430-9690.


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