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A vote for Stewart Feil


October 25, 2018

To The Eagle:

Because of my association with Stewart Feil and my experiences with him as I enlisted his professional services as an attorney, I will cast my vote for Stewart for Wahkiakum County Prosecutor and the attending responsibilities of coroner.

There is much to be said for those who have dedicated their lives to serving their communities for years and sometimes with family members holding political offices. Those who have served for extended periods of time remain viable candidates and continue to immerse themselves in training for themselves and those who serve with them. If elected they would continue to do the same.

Many who move into Wahkiakum County are here to appreciate the beauty of the area, enjoy the community and contribute to the social and political well-being of this area — they desire to serve in what has become their home. Please go to the July 19, 2018 Eagle article “Two men running for prosecutor . . . “ and visit Stewart’s facebook page to learn his background and his intentions for him and his family in Wahkiakum County.

Stewart and his wife are a team who have a tremendous capacity to do many things well.

As a client I found Stewart to be a great teacher, as well as attorney. He could have easily collected the information he needed and handed me the completed work. He chose, instead, to explain and clarify circumstances that would be of consequence to me as we structured my will, a document that I had not entrusted to anyone until meeting Stewart. I was able to make informed decisions regarding everything that is truly important to me. He took the time to be thorough and precise in understanding my goals.

I know he will be equally diligent as the Wahkiakum County Prosecutor. I know he will respect the office and Wahkiakum County along with its residents with the resolve to provide the best services the position is created to perform.

Thank you for your consideration,

Sue Garn



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