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Ignore misguided mailing


October 25, 2018

To The Eagle:

In the current mass of political mailings did you see the one that asks you to write-in Teresa Purcell, Progressive, instead of voting for Erin Frasier or Jim Walsh? Teresa Purcell isn't even running in this election for state representative. In fact she has endorsed and is campaigning for Erin Frasier.

This flyer is playing the voters (us!) for fools. There is nothing true about it and could effectively divide the vote in favor of Jim Walsh. While Walsh has uttered some weak objections to this deceptive mailing, it appears he may be using it to his advantage.

Erin Frasier is highly qualified for the position of state representative in Olympia. Jim Walsh is running on his incumbency. Don't let yourself be duped by information similar in style to the Russian interference that has changed politics in this country. Don't let it infiltrate our local elections. Be an informed voter.

Lynette Wright

PCO East Puget Island


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