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October 25, 2018

To The Eagle:

It’s election time and once again we have a slate of candidates on the ballot for us to choose from. Rose and I support all our current county office holders for re-election. They have served us, the citizens of Wahkiakum County, well and will continue to do so upon returning them to their respective offices. They are experienced, knowledgeable, qualified for their offices, and dedicated to serving our community.

Let’s keep our county great! Re-elect: Assessor Bill Coons, Auditor Nicci Bergseng, Court Clerk Kay Holland, County Commissioner Blair Brady, District Court Judge Heidi Heywood, Prosecutor Dan Bigelow, Sheriff Mark Howie, and Treasurer Tammy Petersen.

I am currently a member of the Wahkiakum County Board of Equalization. I would like to say a few words in support of our current assessor, Mr. Bill Coons. As a member of the board hearing property tax appeals I have had first-hand experience as to the conduct of our county assessor. As a board member I heard many appeals. In all those appeals Assessor Bill Coons conducted himself professionally, was attentive, well prepared, extremely knowledgeable, admitted to mistakes when he was wrong, corrected those mistakes, and consistently expressed interest and help to the appellants on reviewing their assessments and what they might do to lower their assessment. Assessor Bill Coons is without doubt the most qualified, experienced, accredited, computer savvy, and dedicated person in Wahkiakum County to serve the office of assessor. With Assessor Bill Coons, citizens receive the benefit of years of experience, knowledge, and dedication that Bill Coons brings to the assessor’s office. This experience and knowledge is earned over a period of years and cannot be acquired in 30-days. Bill Coons, when re-elected as our assessor will continue to benefit and serve all citizens professionally, honestly, and with integrity!

Bob and Rose Rendler



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