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Your vote is your future


October 25, 2018

To The Eagle:

During this campaign season there have been quite a bit of unrealistic comments made by the opposing party. Here are a few facts that I do know. My dad, Mark Howie, has continued to work diligently without bias in the sheriff’s office. He has not allowed this campaign season to interrupt his position as your current sheriff. He has been firm and steadfast. He has also campaigned when it was appropriate to do so.

I recently moved my entire life and family to this beautiful county of Wahkiakum for many reasons. One big reason is the big city and all of its problems negatively affecting my children. I could not even let my children play outside unattended. I figured the best way to make my children and family safe was to go to a place where my heart is and I know the sheriff always puts the people’s best interest first. You all have voted for him several times because you know this to be true: He is empathetic, compassionate and holds himself and his department to a higher standard in a professionally accountable culture.

You all know my dad to be the sheriff and a business owner, but he is so much more than that. My dad has worn many different hats and the one hat that is most important to me is a fair, generous, realistic man of change and safety, always putting everyone’s needs ahead of his own. Mark Howie has always had and will continue to have an open door policy; I encourage you to spend time with him. Voice your concerns if you have any, or just stop by and say hi. He is the people's sheriff not just a cop's cop. Although my dad’s opponent wants to be “boots on the ground,” it seems that his boots only reach to his back yard, not knowing much history of this county or caring to.

My biggest concern has always been the safety of my family. In Wahkiakum County with Howie at the helm, I know that I will be safe and so will my family and friends. As an active working resident of this community, my vote has always been Mark Howie and will always be. Don't be led astray with false promises or easy words when Sheriff Howie has proven himself with his actions. My dad has succeeded in making the sheriffs office be accountable; he has had to make some very hard choices in his career as your sheriff but it has been done with compassion and couth. Your vote is your future. Vote Howie. I will and always will.

Heidi Shervey



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