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How about annual tax to own guns?


November 15, 2018

To The Eagle:

There have been 301 mass shootings in just a bit over 300 days. How can America continue to just let these horrific events happen nearly every day? Some say its because our mental health system is broken down. Others say that we just need to arm ourselves against the evil shooters, but more often than not it’s the guards and police that also lose their lives to this insanity. And how many of us want to shop, learn, pray, be entertained in an armed camp?

The fact is that there will always be people who need help mentally and think that hurting others might somehow help them. Therefore why is it we can not take at least the weapons designed to kill other human beings off the market. One reason is that there are 11,000,000 of these guns of war already out there. These guns are not designed to kill game; in fact, if one did there would not be much left of that deer or elk. The velocity of those bullets is designed to maim and kill with just one shot.

So, what might be a solution without taking away those cherished second amendment rights we all hear so much about? How about a $1,000 yearly tax for owning an assault weapon? The proceeds could be used to help the many victims of these weapons. I have to pay an annual fee to use my car, my boat and even my house. But owners of weapons that they don’t really need don’t pay anything. Or we could use the money to finance a better mental health care system.

Think about what I have written; it really makes no sense to not try and do something to stop this carnage of innocent people.

Eric Skemp

Puget Island


Reader Comments

John writes:

I don't agree. For one, using your car, boat or house is not a constitutional right, however owning a firearm is. Should you pay $1k for the right to free speech so you can make false claims like you have here? Most everything you state is incorrect or greatly exaggerated. If you did your homework, you'd see that handguns kill 9 times more people than all other types of guns combined and over 60% of gun deaths are suicide. You are simply using scare speech with no proven facts to push an agenda.


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