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Every vote counts, and all will be needed


November 22, 2018

To The Eagle:

Apparently, every vote does count!

In the Kentucky state House race Democrat Jim Glenn defeated Republican DJ Johnson by 1 vote. Democrat Jeff Greer lost to Republican Nancy Tate by six votes and Republican Jill York lost to Democrat Kathy Hinkle by 5 votes. All of these House race results were upheld after recounts failed to reveal any irregularities.

By the way, welcome, Anna Zimmerman, to electoral politics and to our public forum. You should immediately join the debate team at whichever university accepts you and hone your noteworthy rhetorical skills.

During the six centuries after the Roman Empire devolved into the Catholic Church, Western civilization and its regencies were ruled with an iron fist by that religious aristocracy in the name of their god. Serfs were expected to bow their heads while on their knees to those "appointed by a god" to rule them. These are called the Dark Ages for a reason.

The subsequent collapse of European feudalism made possible the Renaissance which evolved into the Enlightenment of the 16th century. The spirit and practice of these Enlightenment ideals are the root and branch of our constitutional republic. Those ideals have been twisted into a vulture's capitalism by America's plutocratic aristocracy. Those nascent tyrants seek to create a modern financial feudalism with us being its serfs.

We have no obligation to respect or defer to such. They need to be controlled and held accountable. Our electoral democracy, imperfect as it is, give us the power to do that.

Best wishes to our recent electoral winners. Better luck next to those who weren't.

Remember, when the time comes to depose the king, every vote will count.

JB Bouchard

Puget Island


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