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United we stand


November 29, 2018

To The Eagle:

After reading the article in The Eagle titled, “After midterms, Dems develop 2020 plans,” I recalled the old adage, “divide and conquer.”

I noticed that nearly all of the “Dems” in the article were talking about fighting. Without getting into the specifics ask yourself who stands to profit if America is busy fighting internally?

Perhaps we should/could all stand united against the source(s) of internal strife, or better yet let’s all get busy and get this country productive. Drop all the ism’s, politics, et al and just get busy! There are plenty of barriers to deal with like drug addiction, man’s inhumanity to man, crime and so on.

Perhaps if everyone were involved in activities that were intended to improve conditions for all, and each person invented a way to create self-generated resources to provide for themselves, their families and their community on up to mankind overall, there would be no need to be fighting within our country or any state, county or even within a single town.

I personally think this is something worth working toward, each in his/her own way, and together as a united group.

Ben Elkinton


P.S. The above was written in memory of my old friend, WWII Veteran Bill Duba who passed away November 20, 2018 at home as he wished it to be.


Reader Comments

Outthere writes:

It is said by mental health experts. That, there are 3 types of people, in this area. Sarcasm, satire. One gets it, one kinda gets it. One not remotely. We, are fortunate that potential leaders step forward. Talented. Tactful. Now, on other side, are those who don't get it. Thus, cooperation, coalition, get sarcastic, get satirical. Get in it. Together. Young and old. I don't need to fight you, when we both are moving in same direction. Just we differ, I may not get it.


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