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Writer asks, 'To Trump or not to Trump?'


November 29, 2018

To The Eagle:

Yesterday (Nov. 20), Trump made some more appalling statements. He actually said that for a few bucks, we can sell human rights! Over the last two years, I have offended some people with my writing and posting on Facebook, but I have never been as offensive as has been the president. For my offenses, I am sorry. Not sorry I wrote or posted, but sorry that some took offense to it. I have had many friends demote me to acquaintance; I understand, it’s difficult to scroll past all my postings of truthful criticism, especially if you jumped on the wagon.

History has had other instances where people were completely behind their leader, without speaking up, sometimes fearing death for speaking up. Fortunately, we are not at that stage yet. When Trump continually refers to the press, as enemy of the people or our greatest danger, then doubling down on a murdered, disseminated human reporter, saying, “It is what it is,” but we don’t want to lose the business. I simply cannot fathom that that is from the president of my United States of America. We have been a beacon of light in the human rights debate, even when overstepping those rights. For the most part attempting to atone for such.

Trump has openly and behind closed doors attempted to have the justice department do his bidding, over the Constitution of separation of powers. His followers openly chant, "Lock her up," while a long list of his people are now felons or looking at felony charges. The latest appointment to temporary US Attorney General is so obvious to me and many a way of getting inside information and possibly even get Mueller completely eliminated.

In the economy department, I am and have been critical. We have seen a slow, steady climb of the market under Obama, continued under Trump, with a big boost from tax cuts of the rich and corporations, adding a trillion to our deficit, which for a year climbed faster. GDP was high for one quarter, which is the focus of Trumpers. Please look at the long term. Name of NAFTA was changed by Trump, with few actual changes. A non-binding climate deal, was pulled out of, with most of the world aghast that we (Trump) would do such. We (Trump) pulled us out of Trans Pacific Partnership, which now leaves those countries to form their own treaties with us on the outside looking in. The tariffs we (Trump) instituted, which I have been critical of the baby with the bath water approach, are now hitting us, with the market losing all the year's gains. Corporations simply bought back their own stocks with the tax breaks, and that's not much of a trickle down effect.

I could go on, but have reached my word limit.

Poul Toftemark



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