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Thoughts on anti-gun control law


December 6, 2018

To The Eagle:

I saw the letter to the editor about making an anti-gun control law here in Wahkiakum County and was overjoyed at the idea. The state made this law, fully aware it goes against the intent of the constitution. I dislike where this law is headed; it’s only the first step and needs to be opposed no matter what your feeling about guns are. It’s called civil disobedience, and our nation is founded on it since that day they threw the tea overboard.

Don Kinney



Reader Comments

Johnny writes:

I agree with you Don. Of course nobody wants kooks or criminals to have guns, but the recent I-1639 was passed using deceptive tactics. To place limits on law abiding citizens' 2nd amendment right to protect themselves is in itself criminal. And the anti-2A folks aren't happy yet, as they are now coming for your high capacity magazines. What's next, no more conceal carry? Thus begins the attempt at systematically dismantling the 2nd amendment by people that are completely ignorant of firearms.


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