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Howie setting poor example


December 20, 2018

To The Eagle:

I just recently read that Sheriff Howie has stated that he does not intend to enforce the message that the vote on I-1639 made on changing the gun laws in Washington. Frankly, I think voters are frustrated to do something to curtail the epidemic that guns, and especially assault weapons represent in our society. The referendum might not be perfect but it does move this issue forward. No sales of assault weapons to people less than 21 years old, background checks for every sale of a gun and locking up guns in the home. These are very good ideas and while not all are practical for a farmer or a very rural homeowner it goes in the right direction.

Sheriff Howie is setting a rather poor example for young people by announcing that he intends to not uphold the law. What does this say for other laws that we have passed? And does it mean that Wahkiakum County must experience its own gun violence to cause us to try to do something about this epidemic?

Although locking guns up might be unreasonable for many of our residents, keeping teenagers bent on committing suicide from getting to our guns might make some sense. Using a gun to commit suicide usually results in death. Taking guns out of this equation might mean that these people get a second chance. Think about that and let’s not wait for something awful to happen in our county before we try to adopt some reasonable restrictions on these deadly weapons.

Eric Skemp

Puget Island


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