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We cannot put our heads in the sand


January 3, 2019

To The Eagle:

Just saw the latest news that there were over 40,000 deaths last year from guns, more than half were suicides. And this is not an epidemic? Clearly we have to do something to protect our population. Our county commissioners want to try to turn back the referendum that our state recently passed. What do they intend to accomplish with this effort? Is it a good idea just as we see that gun deaths have reached a 40 year high? At the same time as the commissioners tell us they should not make any effort to take steps to combat this epidemic, we see that money is being spent for additional security for county infrastructure. This epidemic is raising tax payer costs for running our county, city and schools and for everything else we do in our normal day. The answer is not more armed men and women, the answer is to fund (by taxing ammunition) very intensive research to find out the scientific solutions to really finding answers to this growing threat while still being able to follow the spirit of the 2nd amendment.

We can not put our heads into the sand any longer. To protect ourselves and our kids we must take action to curtail the violence that guns in America are causing every single day.

Eric Skemp



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