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The Eagle's Second Poetry Corner

In December, The Eagle invited local poets to submit poems for our Second Poetry Corner to start the new year. Enjoy!


January 3, 2019


© Jill Ross

Each time I gaze lovingly at my hands

I am awakened to my immortality.

Once, those of a child

Now leather like

Spotted lines of time.

They have worn the rings of friendship

And of matrimony.

And for now remain quite comfortable, unadorned.

I have journeyed –

Walking the pilgrims way,

Back down the dusty trails of time

Stopping in villages to inquire of myself.

These hands have had the passion to touch!

A lover’s skin

The warm earth

The dying ones –

Fabulous awareness of life!

Deteriorating until skin

Breaks down to bone

And I will be no more.

Dinner at the Grange

© Robert Michael Pyle

A moose came to Grange tonight from Nova Scotia,

shot and roasted to perfection by Farmer Phil.

And mangoes, rolled in coconut and chocolate,

brought by Amelia from Skamokawa.

Commissioner Mike stir-fried leeks, zucchini,

and mushrooms, Darbury made her famous pizza.

Sulema’s chicken pie. Carol’s smoked salmon.

Broccoli and pecan salad appeared,

along with fresh sourdough bread.

It’s been years since Pies for Polio

went by the wayside, along with Jello.

Our traditional oyster stew night is history too,

along with Norman Anderson, who made it.

Yes, the menu evolves with the membership,

but we always eat well here at the Grange.

The hunters and the vegans,

the bakers and gardeners and fishers,

the R’s and D’s, longhairs and short—

we Patrons of Husbandry break bread together,

and burp.

“Atmospheric River”

© Dayle Nelson

Fierce, untethered howling air

blowing crows to who knows where,

pushing muddy waves to shore,

seeking every unlatched door.

Burdened blackness now descending,

ancient cedar writhing, bending,

fists of rain, like spirits drumming,

unseen banshees stealthy, coming.

Greedy wind sets loose things flying,

fingers lifting, swatting, prying

timber cracking, falls to ground

as autumn’s remnants swirl around.

Snug inside by candle light,

listening on a winter’s night.

Autumn is Here

© Rick Nelson

Take your coats, my sons

Let’s go for a stroll

Take your coats, my sons

Summer’s sun is gone

Autumn is here

Soon, winter will arrive

Wahkiakum Water Woes

[Or Son of a Beach]

© Howard Brawn

That ol’ man river keeps on gnawin’ our beaches

Our politicos respond with rhetorical speeches:

“We’ll take a stand!

Get you some sand!”

But payoff never reaches the promise they preaches.

Our Olympian Masters and the Lords of Dee Cee

Need mountains of paper to consider our plea

Documents and abatements,

Reviews, impact statements,

Assessments, appraisals, and permits and fees.

Then the pile is submitted; we’re awaiting our fate,

Our desire to sate: Sand on some certain date.

Then, “One small test

We forgot to request,

By the time you complete it, it’ll just be too late.”

So, we fall back and regroup but are niggled with fear,

Remembering a comic strip that gave us such cheer:

Lucy moves the football

Charlie Brown takes a fall

Year after year after year after year.

A Haiku

© Harve Williamson

Solstice hour’s rays,

Sun’s bright weak golden spin drifts,

Bring life’s new promise…

A Thought

© Joel Fitts

When my hair was black

and my skin was tight,

I shaved each day

and I looked all right.

My stature was tall,

I was thin and lean,

My fist was hard

and my wit was keen.

I tried to do the best I could,

was honest, helpful, and I understood.

I was lucky enough,

just to be a dad.

Four of ‘em, boy, I was glad.

My wife worked hard,

right by my side.

It was hard sometimes;

she worried and cried.

I don’t pretend

to know the score;

when added up, there’s so much more.

Life’s been great;

hope things stay the same;

I’ve enjoyed the ride

and playing the game.

Got a few pains, hurts and bumps.

I get tired sometimes

and go sit on a stump.

I’ll be 62 in just a few days.

Where the time went

it’s just a peaceful haze.

So when I close my eyes, ya see,

I thank the Lord for watching over me.

I thank ya all for being so kind,

for the notes and cards

and a ring on the line.

So no matter where you hang your hat,

I hope yer happy, and content with that.

And I hope yer dreams

all come true,

‘cause that’s my wish

and my prayers for you!

Love, Dad


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