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January 10, 2019

Tree Climbing

© Jessica Vik

Playing outside on a sunny Spring day

Helps take the Winter blues away.

Seeing the flowers bud from the ground

And hearing the birds, their chorus all ‘round.

Seeing her cat climb up a tree

A little girl says, “Why not me?”

Up she climbs, branch by branch.

She even gets a little scratch.

From the top of the tree she has a great view.

And the cat agrees with a little “Mew!”

With different intentions they watch the sky

Observing the birds as they fly by.

The cat climbs down to hunt for a snack,

The little girl too, knowing she’d be back

On another sunny day to play in the sun.

Climbing a tree is a great way to have fun.


© Jessica Vik

A three letter word can be so much fun

When kids are out enjoying the sun.

They can mix up mud pies from water and dirt,

Playing bakery shop in a brown splattered shirt.

That same mud can transform into water filled


Made from a shovel while listening to Gold


It can ride around in the back of a truck

To a place that is spotted by a kid full of luck.

Mud can make it look like you’ve gotten a tan.

Just don’t go inside, Mother won’t be a fan.

Kids could care less about making a mess.

They only think about fun because fun

is the best!

Winter’s Tasty Pleasure

© Jessica Vik

School’s out, it’s summer time! Freedom for the


“Not so fast,” Mama says, “We have work using

jars and lids.

Fun we’ll have over summer time along with

doing this,

Canning for the Winter months.” A pantry full

of bliss.

Kids are a great help when it comes to taking out

many a scrap,

Back and forth to the compost bin, while Mama

feeds baby on her lap.

A rest it gives her tired feet from standing on the


Especially after tuna, three hours for each round.

Green beans are not quite as long

and applesauce is even shorter.

Jams and jellies are a treat, but if done wrong,

could be used as mortar!

Soon washed and put away, you’ll have a store

house full of treasure.

All Summer’s hard work has become Winter’s

tasty pleasure!


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