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Angel Wings owner seeks return of animals


February 21, 2019

Debra Lawson, owner of Angel Wings Pet Sanctuary on Puget Island, has petitioned to have animals seized by the Wahkiakum County Sheriff’s Office on February 4 returned to her.

Lawson is asking for the return of 12 dogs, 23 cats, four roosters, eight chickens, two horses, and 12 -15 goats, citing RCW 16.52.085(4), which states “The agency having custody of the animal may euthanize the animal or may find a responsible person to adopt the animal not less than fifteen business days after the animal is taken into custody. A custodial agency may euthanize severely injured, diseased, or suffering animals at any time. An owner may prevent the animal's destruction or adoption by: (a) Petitioning the district court of the county where the animal was seized for the animal's immediate return subject to court-imposed conditions, or (b) posting a bond or security in an amount sufficient to provide for the animal's care for a minimum of thirty days from the seizure date.

"If the custodial agency still has custody of the animal when the bond or security expires, the animal shall become the agency's property unless the court orders an alternative disposition. If a court order prevents the agency from assuming ownership and the agency continues to care for the animal, the court shall order the owner to post or renew a bond or security for the agency's continuing costs for the animal's care. When a court has prohibited the owner from owning, caring for, or residing with a similar animal under RCW 16.52.200(4), the agency having custody of the animal may assume ownership upon seizure and the owner may not prevent the animal's destruction or adoption by petitioning the court or posting a bond."

A hearing has been scheduled for March 18, at 10 a.m. at the Wahkiakum County Courthouse.


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