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Each county should have one vote


March 21, 2019

To The Eagle:

Living in the state of Washington and seeing how left-leaning it is, is like when I was a kid in school playing teeter-totter with the fat kid on the playground. His extra ballast kept me up in the air wondering if I would ever touch the ground again.

Fast forward to the present after the landslide vote on I1639. The passage by the deep thinkers in King County of this unconstitutional measure that limits the rights of young people to a semi-automatic weapon, but still allows them to acquire a driver’s license, vote in all elections, be drafted into the military in order to protect these same voters hindquarters if it comes to conflict doesn’t seem logical. So, as it is obvious that these folks have total control of this huge state when it comes to any hair-brained idea, it is time to consider changing the way our state election process is conducted.

A great number of this state’s county sheriffs have spoken to the legitimacy of I1639 and their reluctance to enforce it. These statements in turn have aroused our sue-happy attorney general to cajole, intimidate or threaten them with dire legal consequences (that is if he can ever tear himself away from suing D.J.T.).

So here is my proposal: Washington has 39 counties. It is long overdue that each county be on equal footing with every other county in the state and not the other 38 counties be on bended knee to King County. We therefore, need to create the process where each county has one vote as in the much maligned but effective Federal Electoral College. I know the Dem herd wants to kill it and throw out the Constitution, too, but to allow the lemmings to run this state and country over the cliff would be a disaster for all whether they know it or not.

R.A. Orr



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