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Nothing is ever free


March 21, 2019

To The Eagle:

I have been watching the socialist meltdown in Venezuela and can’t help but think if the people had the right to “bear arms” they would not be under the tyranny and dictatorship of a corrupt government.

There is a growing population in this country that support socialism, especially among our young adults, but when asked to define what socialism is they draw a blank and cannot tell you what it is. Socialism is a system of society or group living in which there is no private property. There is no ownership of personal property, land, business or a home. There is no reward for hard work because everyone is treated the same. We can look back on history and see socialism has never worked and the tragedy happening in Venezuela right now is a good example of that.

The great attraction of socialism is the false belief everything is free but nothing is ever free and our high taxes prove that! Social Security and Medicare are good examples of the people paying into programs that will help support them during their senior years and we Americans have paid into these programs from day one of employment. Socialists Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Sanders and Cortez want to give these benefits to people who have come here illegally that have never paid into our system which is robbing working Americans of their benefits. In the end this sort of socialist behavior crashes an economy as we can see what is happening in Venezuela.

The left’s liberal socialists are fighting against the wall because they want this country overrun by needy uneducated illegal immigrants who will be dependent on our welfare programs and vote democratic. They hope this will turn our country into a socialist regime in due time. To accomplish the goal of creating a whole new world order without borders they must first collapse our economy and nullify our Constitution. To get this done they employ what is known as a “manufactured crises” to promote a false narrative. The creation of a global government and economic system under the guise of sustainability, world peace, and the redistribution of your wealth is their end game.

These socialist leaders must disarm Americans and take away their right to free speech in order to control the populace and so they continuously attack our Constitution’s First and Second Amendment rights. I end my letter by saying “Americans wake up” and defend the Constitution at all cost or you won’t have the American dream and everything you own will be taken away from you by a leftist socialist government!

Karen Lane



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