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Fire Department training


April 18, 2019

Instructor Mike Karvia shows volunteers how to make cuts with chainsaw to ventilate a roof. Duncan Cruickshank, acting as his partner, watches the process.

Instructor Mike Karvia, Assistant Chief of Training in Pacific County, was at the Puget Island Fire Station last Thursday to spend a couple hours working with local volunteer firefighters on improving their roof ventilation skills. He began by explaining what they would be doing. The firefighter in front would be making the cuts, but the volunteer behind him/her had an important role as well. The chainsaw had to be started on the ground, with the second person carrying the chain saw up the ladder. When the pair got into position, the chainsaw was handed forward and the rear volunteer then provided support for firefighter ventilating the roof. Some of the volunteers had never handled a chainsaw, and all were encourage to do only what they were comfortable doing. While Karvia worked with one volunteer on the roof prop, others practiced cutting with the chainsaws.

Karvia works with another volunteer on top of a prop built to simulate a roof.

Photos by Diana Zimmerman.


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