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Broadband group seeks survey results


Representatives from Noanet and the Wahkiakum PUD gave members of the Broadband Committee an update on the project at a meeting on Monday night.

In January, the PUD was awarded a $50,000 grant for a broadband feasibility study, according to General Manager Dave Tramblie. Since that time, they have reached out to Noanet to do the work involved in a feasibility study.

Chris Walker, a representative from Noanet, introduced himself and gave a brief history of the organization.

“We know what it takes to operate and develop a broadband network so we’re trying to offer that intelligence to other interested parties,” Walker said.

He spoke about funding and said “when you go ask the state for money, you have to prove that there is a need.”

Another representative from Noanet, Claire Ward, who was the first person to give a presentation to the newly formed Broadband Committee last June, then went over the next step: a survey.

“This doesn’t mean there is going to be a fiber network built next week, this means the PUD wants feedback to find out what people’s services are like and if there is a need for us to continue investigating,” Ward said. “It will throw data on a map and we will be able to see at-a-glance areas that say ‘We have no service.’ We will be able to locate areas of high need and if broadband funding is brought into this area it will allow us to build networks so we get to those hotspots and make sure those people get served.”

The survey takes about five minutes. It asks for an address, which is important for mapping, download speed, how much you pay for service, and if you are satisfied with your service. They ask for your email address, but they will never email you and they will never share your personal information.

To take the survey go to It can be taken online using a computer, a smartphone or a tablet. If you can’t do it at home, try the library or the community center. You may be able to pick up a paper survey at the PUD or you can call Claire Ward at 816-519-2370.

As the brochure from Noanet states, “High-speed broadband infrastructure facilitates much more than entertainment in our homes. This lifeline infrastructure connects first responders that will save lives, enhance remote healthcare options, reduce government costs, help young people access educational resources and create business opportunities for generations to come.”


Reader Comments(1)

davidolson writes:

I hope everyone completes the broadband survey. Faster and less expensive Internet will benefit the County in countless ways, with positive impacts on jobs, business, education and health care. High participation on the survey is the next essential step! Kudos to Wahkiakum PUD #1 (first PUD in Washington State!) for once again helping move the County forward!


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