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The big con…


To The Eagle:

Con-job definition: Scams in which the victim is induced to hand over money (or votes) as a token of confidence. How many people have been conned over the years, by Trump, or the ‘use’ of his name? Just watched a show, listing some of his failed ventures and bankruptcies, with thousands of people ending up losing their investments. The list is too long to name them all, and doesn’t take into account all the people he has ‘stiffed’ of due wages and earnings. I am of the notion that we, the American people, were part of his biggest con. A con that perhaps went better than he expected?

Trump has hailed debt, bankruptcy law, and making a ‘game’ out of avoiding taxes. Our economy has been growing for 10 years now, yet our country is plunging further into debt, thanks to Trump and Republican (no longer Conservative) tax cuts for the upper crust and massive war spending.

Trump’s foreign policy is as scrambled as his domestic policies, leaving the rest of the world, including our allies, to try and figure out the daily twists and turns of his Tweeting, which now seems to be how we communicate our policies. His quest for a Peace Prize went out with failed N. Korea talks. Now we have Bolton and Pompei pushing war in Iran, as they have wanted. Trump’s national-security adviser may be building another Middle East tinderbox. “Everyone feels the shadow of 2002–2003, the administration seems determined to find a cause for conflict.” Is Trump paying attention?

Trump believes (at least he says so?), that China is paying the tariffs. We are paying the tariffs, with higher prices and subsidizing farmers. The stock market is bouncing like a Richter scale of a 7 earthquake, still under high of January 2018. Much more, but I’ll let those thoughts go.

Poul Toftemark



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