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NICE--This past weekend some of the mornings were a bit cloudy and gloomy but the sun came out so all the goings on over the weekend were enjoyed in the afternoon and evening sunshine. It was a bit breezy at times, but hey, it keeps us from being too hot, right?! I hear there may be a chance of a few sprinkles in the forecast but that's going to depend on where you live, so here's to good weather if you're having some sort of outdoor activity planned this weekend.

USE CAUTION--Please remember that it is extremely dry around here, so even though we may not have a burn ban in effect, we should all abide by the "common sense" burn ban, and if in doubt, just don't burn!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from June 6-12 are Ryan Helms, Brenden McClain, Justin Anderson, Erin Turner, Rodney Ingersol, Nicole West, Peyton Souvenir, Matalyn Longtain, John C. Doumit, Lamar Blix, Elijah Doiron, Paige Kehrli, Sharon LaBerge, Johnnie Peyrollaz, Colton Reynolds, Andrea Hess, Alec Christiansen, Shirley Good, Marvin Ronninghaug and Sheriff Mark Howie.

Those celebrating their anniversaries this week are Mike and Lori Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. Skip Nortrup, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Moffitt and David and Connie Shrum. May you all have enjoyable celebrations on your special days!

Belated birthday wishes go out to MacKenzie Stevens and belated anniversary wishes go out to Merle and Joanne Brockway, as both of their special days were yesterday; sorry about that.

ORDER NOW--Attention all of you strawberry lovers: Now is the time to order your fresh sliced strawberries as for the 14th year, the Wahkiakum Lions Club is selling them. There should be a form in this week's paper, and also around town, and they need to be turned in and prepaid by June 15. A 14-lb. bucket is $32 and the 28-lb. bucket is just $52. These berries come with no sugar added, and will make great pies and jams and serve up strawberry shortcake or ice cream and berries, etc., so now's your chance to help a worthy cause and treat yourself to some berries minus all the back breaking work of picking them and the hassle of slicing them all! Call 360-849-4003 ASAP for more info or if you can't find a form anywhere. The pick up date is June 22 and you get to choose where you'd like to pick your order up, as for those in Cathlamet, it will be at the high school, and here in Skamokawa, it will be in front of the Sk. Grange Hall and those on the west end, it will be at the Rosburg Store. Don't delay, order today!

FRIDAY MOVIE--The only free movie at the Community Center in Cathlamet in June will take place this Friday, June 7 at 7 p.m. This movie is rated PG-13 and is a drama but still suited for everyone. There will be a little over a month long break until the next movie, so there won't be another free show until July 12. As always, you also get free popcorn or you can bring your own snacks in or get a pizza delivered from local Pizza Mill. Just in case you're new to town, the center is located at 101 Main Street next door to the Cathlamet Market/below the Pioneer Church.

FLEA MARKET--The Wahkiakum County Fairgrounds will hold their monthly flea market this coming Saturday in the Youth Building. Contact the fairgrounds to rent a table for just $10. The sale is open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

BINGO TIME--That same day, June 8, all you bingo lovers need to head to the Norse Hall on Puget Island by 5:30 that evening, as the lower level doors open then with games at 6 p.m., so bring your friends and have some fun playing bingo! Cards are $5 each and cash prizes are awarded. The Sons of Norway lodge members use the monies raised for various projects to improve the hall, as well as for scholarships, so it is all appreciated and helps them out, and the community too.

GREAT TIME--This past weekend Logan Britt invited everyone to help recognize the seventh anniversary of having the "new" Duck Inn up and running, and we all certainly enjoyed being there to help him celebrate this occasion. As always, Logan treated us to a nice snack table as well as a chance to win one of 40 drawings for a bag of goodies, with five of them having a chance at winning one of two televisions. When all the smaller drawings were over and the ones who had television chances were filled out and collected, the lucky winners were Kelsey Hedges and Marissa Washington, so congratulations to them for being so lucky! I can't say that our table could complain too much though, as we each won something and a couple of us won twice, so we'll enjoy those new t-shirts and other trinkets too.

SAYING GOOD-BYE--The anniversary of the Duck Inn coincided with a surprise farewell party of employee, Jeri Terpsma/Pierce, who didn't find out until the very last minute, that this anniversary shindig, also included a send off party for her; fun, fun! However, we are all going to be very sad to have our "Miss Perky" leaving us, as her pounding little feet and smiling face will truly be missed. She and husband, Jack, will be headed towards Bellingham at the end of the month, so while we wish she wasn't leaving, we wish her all the best. However, if you haven't said your goodbyes yet, she said you'll still have the last two weeks of this month to come on down and give her a hug and wish her well and watch her zip around in record time as she tends to all our needs. We have truly appreciated her willingness to serve, as it's not a trait that everyone has, so for those employers who are lucky enough to find a go-getter like Jeri, it's really tough when you lose them.

SHOWER TIME--Suzy Ekstrom was treated to a wonderful Bridal Shower this past weekend and as always, hostess and MIL (mother-in-law) to be, Katie Sechler, as well as future SIL, (sister-in-law) Tessa Sechler, had everything set up in royal fashion. The bride-to-be was greeted with a setting that came complete with china tea cups, silver accent pieces, twinkling lights and balloons plus trays of homemade goodies and fruit trays with a chocolate dipping station. FIL (father-in-law) to be, Pete Sechler had seen fit that the group of ladies arrived to a well manicured lawn and picture perfect patio, so if the gals wanted to, they could enjoy the outdoors in style. Suzy will be joining the Sechler family in August, which will be arriving in no time and we all agree that Kyle, her husband to be, is a lucky young man indeed!

HAPPY DAYS AHEAD--I must say Happy Retirement to my cousin, Larri Palmer, who has spent over 30 years working at UPS in California and has just recently joined the ranks of those other retired folks who don't have any idea of what day it is, as they don't have to worry about it anymore! Congratulations to him and his wife, Sally, who can now do whatever they want, whenever they want to and I'm sure they'll enjoy more traveling and family time with their two grown kids, Sarah and Kevin. Larri is the son of Donna (Healy) and Glenn Palmer, and Donna was the daughter of my Aunt Marian (Everest) and Leon Healy, who later married Arthur Vik of Puget Island.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS--According to the Wahkiakum Fair Board, the recent and first annual "Cruizin at the Fair Car Show" was deemed a success, so they will hold it next year as well. This will take place about June 6, 2020 so mark those calendars now as they'd love to see you and your car there next year!

NICE DISPLAY--Have you been to the River Life Interpretive Center in Redmen Hall/Central School to see their latest exhibit yet? This wonderful display really gives you a view of what was here in Skamokawa at one time, and how people like Vicki Allenback are bringing this tradition back to life, she's just using goats instead of cows! Irene Martin has really done a great job of bringing our history to life, so I hope you'll take some time between Thursday and Sunday from noon to four, to come and check out this latest exhibit, "Down on the Farm," which covers the years 1898-1943. It was also great to see pictures provided by Nate Engleson, as it even included a tractor that we now own that used to belong to his grandfather; small world!

LITTLE ONES--It's that time of year when all the "babies" are being born out here in the country and that means you may spot fawns laying here or there, and you may think they are abandoned, but more than likely, Mama is probably close by, so please, don't touch them. If you are concerned, just keep an eye on them but yet keep your distance as most likely, Mom will show up.

Around our neck of the woods, we got to see different little ones this week, as the cow elk brought their new additions out in the field and boy, are they cute! After Mom has kept their youngsters hidden in the brush for awhile, it's no wonder that these little guys love to run and play out in the open field! They are really a hoot to watch. I am a little dismayed by the lower numbers of calves that I'm currently seeing but hopefully there are more tucked away and aren't quite ready to meet the world just yet.

OUT OF THE PAST--This week in 1958, it started out pretty stormy but then it was really nice for several days, albeit a little windy with only a few showers showing up towards the end of the week. Elsie Everest went with daughter Carol and granddaughter Kay to Longview, where they did a bit of shopping and then met with other daughter, Marian, and they all went to lunch at Ferguson's. Ralph Everest and grandson, Gene Healy got a load of wood from Naselle so they were kept busy, and enjoyed a fish dinner upon their return that Mr. Ott had dropped off for the Everests. On June 8 the Canhams celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. There was a note left on the counter of the Pedersen home that read: "Dear Mom, There are clams in the you know what," signed Kay. I had yet to master how to spell the word "refrigerator" and my Grandma Elsie thought this was a cute way of getting my point across anyway! Paul Hendrix had just been out fishing on Puget Island, when he came home and passed away later that night at the age of 80. He had been in the newspaper publishing business and had come to Cathlamet from Texas in 1930, where he had purchased the "Columbia River Sun." In 1934, he consolidated the CRS with the Wahkiakum County Eagle. It was during this time that Mrs. Mabel Martin, who had been traveling with her brother, George Hollar and his wife and daughter, Kay, back in Missouri, had some serious health issues on the way home and wound up in a hospital in Nebraska.

In 1965, this week was a huge news week with the Gemini 4 Space capsule coming back from outer space and landing safely after its four day journey! Astronauts Ed White and James McDivitt enjoyed being picked up by the aircraft carrier, the USS Wasp out in the Atlantic and were in good health. The week began nice but after several nice days, there were some clouds and rain for a couple of days before returning to cooler weather but sunny. The Everests, along with many others, thoroughly enjoyed the good time they had at the Kerstetter's 25th wedding anniversary party that week, which drew a very big crowd. Unfortunately, this week also brought sadness for members of the Bain and Rose families, as Jerry and Tammy Bain lost their newborn twin daughters, Faith and Hope, that week. The babies were survived by a sister, Tari and a brother Gregory, and also their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Rose and Earl Bain.

All this according to my Grandma Elsie Everest's diaries.


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