Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones


To The Eagle:

I have been amazed at the vitriol being directed at Dollar General. I don’t see the same hate toward oil companies that control our local gas stations. Yet they are two of the world’s wealthiest, greediest, and most environmentally dangerous companies.

Minute marts generally pay only minimum wage. Should we run them out of the county, pass laws banning them, and put their workers on unemployment?

Newcomers to this area may not realize that Cathlamet once had a clothing store, a variety store and another grocery.

I have a few questions for those naysayers who think the sky is falling. Do you buy all your groceries and household commodities in the local markets? Or do you shop at Walmart, Fred Meyer, Winco and Costco? Do you get all your medical needs in the local pharmacy or do you go to Kaiser or Costco? Do you purchase all your lawn, garden and building materials in Cathlamet, or do you go to Lowes or Home Depot? Do you shop in Oregon to evade the sales tax that supports our state and county? Do you know you are liable for a use tax (RCW 82.12.020) equal to the sales tax on all untaxed goods brought in to Washington? Have you sent that payment to Olympia?

Feel free to make your answers public, but if you are too embarrassed to admit where you shop then perhaps you should not be throwing stones.

Mariane Brightbill

Puget Island


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