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Book about Westend Finns a delight


To The Eagle:

I ordered the new book, Deep River, from Amazon so it would arrive July 1st. I’ve spent hours reading it because it’s not just another paperback length. Believe me, it’s a book similar to a mini-series at 700 pages. Full of Finnish history and set in our Deep River, Knappton, and Astoria areas, it’s fun to read because it’s so detailed. The picture is here on the immigrant life, Finland’s long history with Russia, the early unions and why there were “red” Finns. Logging details are done well, too. The book is a really good historical novel and I’m hoping everyone in our area will read it.

I ordered mine on Amazon Prime where it’s half off the regular price of $30. It’s big in size and information. I am delighted when something is detailed so well such as the description of the Deep River Church right down to the painting above the altar and the pedestal pulpit in blue and white. And the pastor’s name is Hoikka. I’m 1/3 of the way through. I love reading a novel about our local history. Hope you’ll give it a try.

The author, Karl Marlantes, lives somewhere in rural Washington. Hope we can get him to come for a reading someday soon!

Karen Bertroch, Grays River


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