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Suggestions offered on controversy


August 1, 2019

To The Eagle:

I have several observations about the current pronoun controversy.

First, a number of years ago, my father used to make a joke about the subject, suggesting that I “go out to the person box to see whether the person-person left us any person.”

And that comment brings to mind a quandary: If the word “man” is to be avoided, then what about “woMAN”? Shouldn’t that be “woPERSON?” Oh, but “son” denotes gender, so maybe we need to change it to “woPER-DAUGHTER?”

And finally, here’s a more serious suggestion: Inasmuch as the capital letter “I” denotes first person singular, perhaps we should substitute a capital letter “E” for both male and female third person singular and use E instead of “he” or “she.” Just saying…

Hannah Booth



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