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Disc needed for fair arena maintenance


August 8, 2019

To The Eagle:

We had a good turn out for the show. The footing was less than ideal. After the flood and the bull riding event, a lot of big rocks came to the surface. Because the ground did not have sufficient time to dry before the bull riding event, we were left with some holes.

Our arena man is Mike Doan. He is from Long Beach and volunteers his time to come and work on our arena. He has done a fantastic job in improving the footing. The arena groomer has been a great asset in improving and maintaining the footing in the arena. We have also been able to add 30 yards of good screened dirt to the arena in June. All the work on these shows have been done by volunteers, Mike being the main man. All the money made at these shows have gone into improvements on the arena's footing.

If there is anyone out there that has a 3-4 foot disk and will let us borrow it before fair please contact me, Valerie at 509-697-6049, or Mike at 360-244-2314. We desperately need it to get the footing back to where it was before the flooding on July 12. We had two horses have to pull due to poor footing around one of the barrels. Mike worked the arena for four hours on Thursday and again for two hours before the show on Saturday.

We are hoping that after the show on August 17 we will have enough money to purchase a disk for the fair. Until then we need to borrow one. Mike is very good and will take good care of any borrowed equipment. Mike is the only one who will be using it.

Valerie Antijunti



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