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Support legislation that will make a difference


August 8, 2019

To The Eagle:

As many of you know I have written a few other pieces to our newspaper about the situation of guns in America. I have proposed a tax on ammunition to help fund research on just exactly what can be done to stop this carnage and to help the very innocent victims of these people of hate. This will not be enough and we must start this process by outlawing the weapons that are most often used. These semi-automatic weapons are not used for hunting, they are not appropriate for target shooting; they are designed to kill and maim humans. These guns are weapons of war, not sport.

Americans should not be afraid to go to church, to go to the mall or the big box store or a music concert. And they would not have to fear if these weapons were off the street and illegal. More than 30 completely innocent people lost their lives this weekend to these guns. Shouldn’t we do something? A person who happens to support the white supremacy movement is not necessarily mentally unsound and video games are certainly not the reason some people choose to kill others. If we really want to make a good first dent in this carnage then ban the sale of these weapons that are not designed for anything other than to kill other people and the magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. Why are we giving them exactly what they want and need to carry out these atrocities?

Those of you that like your guns must see the sense in what I am saying. The removal of these weapons will not be the removal of any of your “rights” or your freedom to own a gun. It just takes away the weapon of choice for these shooters of perfectly innocent people just like you and me.

Let’s support some legislation that really could make a difference.

Eric Skemp

Puget Island


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