The Wahkiakum County Eagle - Established as The Skamokawa Eagle in 1891

By Meadow Meeder
Healthy Community Specialist 

Coming Events--Community Center in Cathlamet


August 15, 2019

Whether you grew up here or you transplanted, there is something very connecting about the folks who hold space in this beautiful nook of the planet. Wahkiakum is a culmination of beauty, history and grit. We take care of each other out here. The natural allure of the waters and the hills is breathtaking, but what makes it unique are its people. A vein of ‘salt of the earth’ people with varied experiences, passions and backgrounds flow here. In this way, our county is so rich.

“A nice family in town gave me a room to live in for two months even though they never met me before.” “The car in front of us paid for our drinks at the coffee shop.” “Somebody paid my daycare balance and I don’t know who it was.” “Today somebody listened, really listened to me.” “My mother put the last 9 years of her life on hold to help me, my new baby, her parents, and my dad who is ill. She is amazing in every sense of the word.” “I needed to connect with somebody, anybody and a very nice woman I didn’t know invited me to church.” “I was broke-down with a flat on SR-4 and a young man stopped to help me.”

These are just a few of last week’s RAKs., the jar will be at Patty Cakes all this week so if you get in the middle of a Random Act of Kindness- I want to hear about it. The HHS crew is looking forward to the fair- we have tons of giveaways, information and free lockboxes.

Wahkiakum Outdoors is getting prepared for another exciting presentation on birds. Stay tuned for more info- this will be August 27 at the Hope Center. Tomorrow is Free Movie Friday, weekly gatherings are on point; Cribbage on Weds. @ 7p.m., Sandra Sews Thurs. @ 10 a.m., TOPS is Thurs. @ 6 p.m. Brown Bag social group meets every Friday @ 11 a.m., and every morning you can go walking with the walkers at 9 a.m. Be well, Wahkiakum!

“I always thought someone should do something, until, one day I realized I was Someone.” --JFK.


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