Two assault weapon options suggested


September 5, 2019

To The Eagle:

Guns are a normal part of American life. Constant referral to the 2nd Amendment, and more recently NRA activities separate us from the rest of the world. While we are an advanced nation, mass killings with assault weapons and related weapons with multiple cartridge magazines, further separate us from having an advanced and safe society. Mass killing can now be considered near normal; part of American life. As you read this letter, we can all ask and wait, where and when next?

While some claim that it is those with mental illness that use assault weapons, mental illness can affect many people, but most do not kill. Perhaps mental illness exists among some legislators who avoid the issue of mass killings with assault weapons. I ask how our sheriff, county commissioners and related public servants would begin screening our community for mental illness and then separate those with potential for gun violence. The same question can be directed to every community in America.

Assault weapons have a place in war. What purposes do assault weapons serve in a civilized life? In our community?

Guns can be works of art in museums and for collectors. Guns provide enjoyable pleasure in various forms of target practice. Hunting with guns provides great enjoyment, usually with camaraderie among friends and family, harvesting of nature’s abundant wildlife (managing wildlife), and in some cases, food for the table. What are the benefits of assault weapons in non-combat situations, in any community?

I adhere to the possession and use of rifles, shotguns and pistols for recreational use as mentioned.

A common question to any hunter, and many of our community leaders is presented. How many would think of using an assault weapon to hunt? What is the purpose of assault weapons in any setting, in our community?

I suggest you, we, all of us Americans have two options.

Think of names in the newspaper, acquaintances, neighbors, friends, family, our spouse, children, grandchildren whose picture we can put on a wall or desk, to think of them after being killed in a mass-assault weapon spree.

Stop all production, sale, availability of all assault and related weapons in our society.

What is your choice? Your comments and opinions are welcome.

Dennis T. Gordon

Puget Island


Reader Comments(2)

DDS writes:

The City of Chicago has the equivalent of a mass shooting each and every weekend for year after nauseating year. Why haven't you heard about it? In part because pointing out young black males killing other young black males with handguns in a city controlled by and for Democrats does not fit the current agenda.

JohnnyMac writes:

Option 3 - None of the above. The overwhelming majority of firearm deaths in our country is from handguns (see Washington State 73%). A real national statistic for the 2017 year showed that Assault Weapons were accountable for 2% (yes two percent) of all firearm deaths and 1% responsible for firearm injuries. So, Mr. Gordon, after you require the 99.9% of responsible, law abiding Assault Weapon owners to turn in their firearms and the gun violence doesn’t drop, what will you take away next?


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