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Absurdity spreads around the world


September 12, 2019

To The Eagle:

I just returned from a great family reunion in Denmark--27 cousins and families. I had hoped to get a break from Trump’s absurd words and actions. So much for wishful thinking. Trump’s proposal to buy part of Denmark caused a lot of astonished laughs, with every conversation somehow leading to: “How could you elect someone so strange.” To which I defended myself by saying, “I didn’t, our system did,” and then having to explain how the popular vote doesn’t count.

That said, it was really nice to see how clean and tidy it is there and to visit with family. Democratic socialism seems to be doing quite well, especially for a country with no resources to sell, other than their educated ideas, thanks to great education--I am astonished by the Republicans balking at providing good and affordable education--and lack of worrying about health care bills. I did not encounter a single person who likes our elected president.

Absurdity didn’t end there. When I returned, I heard that Trump wanted to ‘nuke’ the hurricane that at that time was aimed at Mar Lago and Alabama. After the hurricane destroyed part of the Bahamas and turned north, Trump decided to go golfing. We’re probably better off with him on the golf course, but with his complaints about Obama golfing, much less though, he seems really hypocritical! Then I get to read our paper, the name calling of us Democrats has not eased at all; if anything, it seems to demonstrate the desperation of Republicans who are not talking up the stock market, which is at a near high, as it has been for 21 months. I mention that since Trump started the trade war tariffs, the market has flat-lined, up and down, since January, 2018. Curious who may have traded before each of his tweets?

There have been so many absurd actions by Trump that we seem to lose sight of the length of that list, so I’ll pick a few to remind us all: The 2016 presidential election, saying he doesn't "see any reason why" Russia would be responsible; when he let his daughter Ivanka take his place during a G20 meeting; when he pushed aside the prime minister of Montenegro at NATO summit; when he said that Crimea is Russian because everyone who lives there speaks Russian; when he casually got up after dinner at the G20 to chat with Putin; when he gave a speech so weird that other world leaders couldn't quite understand what he was talking about and just started looking at each other somewhat confused, etc.

As for Americans wanting to promote good education for all, health care for those of us that need it, definitely those of us that want a fair shake on taxes, we need Democrat votes out in force next year!

Poul Toftemark



Reader Comments(1)

JohnnyMac writes:

Apples to oranges. 55% tax rate in Denmark. Denmark population-5.77M Wa state population 7.55M. There are more illegal immigrants in the US than Denmark has population. Their system is great for a tiny country with strict immigration laws, but no way it works here.


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