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Keep out of other people's lives


October 3, 2019

To The Eagle:

Two weeks ago I read in the sheriff’s report, not once but twice, complaints were filed against law-abiding citizens because do-gooder(s) thought some animals were too skinny. One was old and both were found well-cared for. I see the Angel Wings fiasco being kicked around some more and this is twice in the last year our injustice system has railroaded people in jail for practically nothing; Angel Wings for a few animals too many, another for having them get loose. I have seen way too many people get raided, to the point they don’t keep animals anymore because having large animals is like one step from being a criminal.

People, you don’t fully understand, so don’t be breaking your arm patting yourself on the back thinking you’re doing good. Most times it’s a death sentence for the animal(s) and for most people it’s a large part of their life. What I would like to see is people having at least as much compassion towards the people they are beating up on as the animals they have brainwashed themselves into thinking they are helping, and don’t be too hasty, have all the facts, or better yet, just keep your noses out of others’ lives.

Don Kinney



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