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The country's festering problem is indentified


October 3, 2019

To The Eagle:

My neighbor’s recent commentary that “ we jes cain’t figure out how it would be good fer us” to protect women’s health care and reproductive rights, enact necessary reasonable gun control measures, free our health care system from rapacious insurance companies, and provide tax relief to the middle class by more equitably taxing hyper wealthy individuals and corporations that pay no taxes at all pretty much sums up the problem.

Which problem? Why, the one created by greedy, amoral conservatives disguised as simple rustics who upon detecting any attempt to move this country closer to income equality and social justice scream “Socialist Conspiracy!”

It’s not a secret conspiracy; it’s a full on, open source, well advertised Social Democrat revolution to wrest control of our country from the claws of a political party that demonizes one of this country’s greatest assets, its immigrants, who have built this nation into the powerhouse of wealth and hope that it is.

It’s a full court press against a political party whose chief priority is to defund social programs and public health care, so dollars stripped from citizens who work for a living can be given as tax breaks to rich people whose idea of work is the collection of compounded interest on your debts.

It’s moral combat against a political party that takes their marching orders from cloven hoofed beasts like Senate dictator Mitch McConnell who never met a piece of progressive legislation that he wasn’t willing to strangle and bury in order to keep himself and his party hacks in power, the United States of America be damned.

It’s a rising up against the party of your wanna-be fascist bully boy, the great deceiver, who daily desecrates the highest office of the greatest country in the world.

Yes, the festering problem afflicting this country today is the Republican party and the execrable shyster that party endorsed, tolerates, protects and profits from as he slowly eviscerates the core principles that have, long before his stain appeared, already made this country great.

Many thoughtful, well intentioned people voted for Trump for many good reasons. It is harsh and inaccurate to write their vote off as “stupid is as stupid does.” They were fleeced, and their hopes and loyalties abused.

More promises from the same liar aren't going to change anything. Lay down with that dog again, and you're just gonna get up with more fleas.

JB Bouchard

Puget Island


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