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Economy is soaring


October 10, 2019

To The Eagle:

As a reward for recent efforts to pour oil on troubled waters, we’ve been consigned by a neighbor to a class of “greedy, amoral conservatives disguised as simple rustics.” I can only plead that I ain’t havin’ near that much fun. The “scream” of “Socialist Conspiracy” was in actuality a jocular revisitation of Hillary’s famed “vast right wing conspiracy.” It is interesting that his rant arrives the very week that the paranoid progressives, suddenly realizing that they have scant chance of winning at the ballot box, as their candidates become progressively untethered to reality, make a last desperate stab at impeachment, and ironic that on every count of collusion, corruption, and obstruction, the Trumpster proves innocent and the accusers guilty – a classic exemplar of “hoist by their own petard.”

Most of the wondrous causes that are listed have been previously chalked off as inapposite or delusional but a couple are worth comment.

Gun control laws, both good and bad, have been passed, but enforcement of them has been erratic and ineffectual. Above all, they do little to solve the problem at hand--school shootings and other mass murders. A good read on the subject is Why Meadow Died, a book by Andrew Pollack, father of Meadow Pollack who died in the Parkland school shooting. It points the finger at politically correct school safety and police procedures fostered by the Obama administration’s Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan. The event is considered “the most preventable school shooting in history.”

The Trump administration is fighting illegal immigration, and the huge wave of drugs, rapes, sex trafficking, and general crime it has engendered. He has made great progress with the full-throated support of legal immigrants, and the disingenuous desertion of the progressive-controlled House of Representatives.

Another thing we jest can’t figger out is how Trump voters got fleeced, what with the economy soaring, employment and wage increases at record-breaking highs, particularly for minorities and women, and great gains in world trade and foreign policy. But I’m sure we’ll get told by our perennial progressive panjandrum.

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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