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Opinions are not fact


October 10, 2019

To The Eagle:

Well how blessed we Trump voters are that we have the genius of letter writers to show us the error of our ways.

I read a letter last week and I must say it followed the Democratic party line to the letter but remember your opinions are not facts just your opinions.

First of all in my opinion: Abortion is murder and not a women's issue alone until women figure out how to make babies without a man's blessed contribution, so yes men do have a dog in the fight and the right to our opinion about abortion.

My second opinion is that President Trump gave tax cuts to middle class people and extra tax relief to families with children, yes the rich got more relief but last time I checked they still pay a heck of a lot more taxes than most of us do.

My opinion of illegal aliens is that the money they extort from taxpayers, such as schools, hospitals, etc., here in the US would be better spent on all real American citizens so they would not have to be homeless, hungry, drug addicted or the victims of crime.

In my next opinion simply put you can stick Socialism where the sun don't shine and save your Netherlands argument for someone stupid enough to buy the Brooklyn Bridge too.

In my opinion the greatest thing anyone can do to help themselves and the country is to get a job, thanks to President Trump’s standing up to countries that have bilked the US for decades and his policies that are worker and business friendly; there are jobs out there if you’re looking for one.

My last opinion is this: Until a Socialist is in the White House I will still be allowed to have my opinions. God Bless America, The Greatest Show on Earth, Baby.

Paul Schreiber



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